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The Sturdevant insurance Agency is a mission driven company dedicated to the education of her clients. Residing in Falls Church, Virginia, and founded in 2012 the Sturdevant insurance Agency is focused on the empowerment of the insurance consumer.

The Sturdevant insurance Agency is a proud member of the Trusted Choice network of independent agents, through which we're able to access over 20 different carriers. This independence puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to choose which carrier, which policy, and which premium best fits your needs.

Our dedication to small and middle market businesses is peerless among the independent insurance agencies. Why, because we educate our clients. It's our belief that teaching our clients about the complexities of their insurance policy holds more value than the savings we earn for them. Our role is to be a valued asset to small business owners; to become an adviser and consultant about risk and how best to transfer it.

If you think insurance should be more than just a bill, and you're seeking an agency dedicated to much more than the lowest price, Sturdevant insurance Agency is your kind of place.

Empowerment through knowledge

Seize control of your insurance policies. Become an Empowered insurance buyer today!

"I went out to face the world again, wiser" Wiser, indeed Ralphie! Making YOU a wiser insurance consumer is what we're all about at the Sturdevant Agency. Happy Holidays - and please, don't shoot your eye out.
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